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Order no rx simplicef Puggle breeders need to be carefully scrutinized before you make the decision to buy a pup from their litter. Order no rx simplicef Even though the Puggle does not have a breed standard, order no rx simplicef this doesn’t mean you should trust every Puggle Breeder out there. Order no rx simplicef Not everyone has good breeding ethics, order no rx simplicef and for some, order no rx simplicef all they care about is the money they’ll make off the sales of a popular breed.

Order no rx simplicef Here is what you need to find out before you settle on just any Puggle breeder –

  • Does the breeder sell his/her Puggles privately, order no rx simplicef or do they sell to pet shops? A breeder that is willing to sell the dogs they breed to pet shops is only in the breeding business for money.
  • Does the breeder breed more than Puggles? If Puggle breeders are breeding more than one type of dog other than a Beagle or Pug (aside from the Puggle) or if they have only ever bred Puggles, order no rx simplicef you should take your business elsewhere. Order no rx simplicef A reputable breeder interested in breeding hybrids should first be experienced with properly breeding a purebred dog. Order no rx simplicef Furthermore, order no rx simplicef a breeder who has bred either Pugs of Beagles previously, order no rx simplicef has a good idea of what type of temperaments to expect.
  • Ask to see the sire and dam of the litter. Order no rx simplicef A good breeder will show you both or either the sire and dam of the litter. Order no rx simplicef They should also show you a detailed pedigree of both dogs. Order no rx simplicef Even though Puggles are only hybrid dogs, order no rx simplicef a breeder with a pedigree of the purebred parents is a sign of a responsible breeder.
  • Is the breeder willing to give up the pup before 8 weeks? Puggle breeders should not allow a Puggle puppy to be taken sooner than 8 weeks of age. Order no rx simplicef A puppy offered before this age has not been allowed sufficient time to be weaned from his/her mother. Order no rx simplicef This can cause social and development issues in the dog.
  • There should always be a guarantee – Only a reputable breeder would provide you with a contract and written guarantee for the dog. Order no rx simplicef The guarantee usually states that if something should happen with the dog’s health, order no rx simplicef etc. Order no rx simplicef they will take the Puggle back and offer you a new one or give you your money back. Order no rx simplicef Essentially, order no rx simplicef a good breeder would rather take the dog back than see harm come to it.
  • The breeder should be registered – Even though the Puggle is a hybrid breed not recognized by any of the national kennel clubs, order no rx simplicef reputable Puggle Breeders will have their Puggles registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), order no rx simplicef or the Hybrid Club of their nation. Order no rx simplicef Note: The ACHC only registers individual Puggles that have purebread parents. Order no rx simplicef

Order no rx simplicef Finally, order no rx simplicef make sure you visit the breeder in person and get to know the pups before you make any decisions. Order no rx simplicef In addition, order no rx simplicef make sure the premise in which the breeder is raising the pups is a clean and happy environment.