Raloxifene Puggle dogs are considered hybrids. Raloxifene This basically means they are a cross between two different purebreds. Raloxifene In the Puggle case, raloxifene this would be a Beagle and a Pug. Raloxifene The Puggle can also be referred to as a crossbreed, raloxifene even though this term can also refer to a mongrel - a dog that has only one known purebred in their genes.

Raloxifene Unlike mongrels or mutts that are usually the result of an unintentional crossbreed, raloxifene hybrid dogs breed, raloxifene whether they began as mutts or not, raloxifene is purposely bred to create a specific breed type. Raloxifene Hybrid dogs like the Puggle are known as “designer dogs”. Raloxifene Designer dogs are popular hybrids that have been purposely created using two specific purebred dogs.

Raloxifene Of course, raloxifene not all “designer dogs” are bred for the purpose of suiting the latest fad. Raloxifene The Labradoodle is a good example of this. Raloxifene Unlike breeding a Beagle and Pug for fashion, raloxifene a Labrador and Standard Poodle were initially bred to create a hypoallergenic guide dog. Raloxifene In other words, raloxifene the original cross breeding that resulted in the Labradoodle was intentional, raloxifene and is still trying to be perfected so it can be recognized as a purebred dog.

Raloxifene Although most hybrids are selectively bred to create a breed that features all of the great characteristics of its two parents, raloxifene sometimes there is no actual thought process in the creation of such breeds. Raloxifene For instance, raloxifene although Puggle dogs are very sweet and sociable dogs, raloxifene they were bred for no other purpose than to be a family pet.

Raloxifene They are not hypoallergenic and they are still prone to Pug breathing problems, raloxifene which can be made worse because of their love for hunting that has been passed to them through their Beagle genes. Raloxifene For reasons such as this, raloxifene many purebred breeders argue that designer dog breeding is irresponsible.

Raloxifene Despite what some breeders may think, raloxifene the fact of the matter is that hybrid dogs are very popular, raloxifene and often make excellent family pets and generally tend to be very healthy and happy breeds.

Raloxifene It is also important to point out that a hybrid dog is not considered a “true breed” due to the fact that they don’t have an official breed standard. Raloxifene For this reason, raloxifene they are not recognized by any national kennel club. Raloxifene In addition, raloxifene not being a true breed means that each Puggle litter produced will be different each time.

Raloxifene Nonetheless, raloxifene even though Puggle dogs may not have a “true” standard to their name, raloxifene the fact remains that this special hybrid is in high demand, raloxifene and is loved by many. Raloxifene After all, raloxifene who says a dog needs an official standard to be considered a great pal and a one-of-a-kind friend.