Urodine Money contributions to a Puggle rescue are always a great way to help volunteers with expenses and make a difference in a Puggle’s world. Urodine So many rescued dogs are in need of Vet care, urodine and all require the basic necessities of life – food, urodine water and shelter – all of which costs money.

Urodine Although you may wish you could do more for a rescue aside from donating money, urodine understand that providing such funds are greatly appreciated by the rescue. Urodine Every donation made to a good animal rescue goes toward caring for the dogs, urodine and helping them find new loving homes.

Urodine However, urodine did you know that you might be able to double the funds you donate to the Puggle rescue? Many employers will actually match charitable donations made by their employees. Urodine This doesn’t only mean matching money you may have donated, urodine but also if you sponsor or adopt a dog.

Urodine This particular type of unique charitable donation matching is known as a Corporate Matching Gift program. Urodine Most companies who participate in this program will match dollar for dollar when it comes to the charitable contribution made by their employee.

Urodine Of course, urodine not every company will offer the corporate matching gift program, urodine so you will need to find out if your’s does. Urodine To learn if the business you work for is involved in the program, urodine contact your employer’s Personal Department or Human Resources to find out more. Urodine If you discover that the company you work for does offer this charity program, urodine simply ask for the proper form so you can fill it out and have you donation matched. Urodine If they don’t offer the program, urodine there’s no harm in asking them if they would be interested in doing so.

Urodine Aside from corporate matching gifts (or if the business you work for doesn’t provide this option), urodine there is nothing wrong with asking your fellow co-workers if they would be interested in making a small donation to the Puggle Rescue with you. Urodine Remember, urodine every little bit helps, urodine and there is no harm in asking. Urodine Just make sure you don’t hassle those who aren’t interested. Urodine A donation is a gift from the heart, urodine it shouldn’t be forced.